Treat SIBO at Home Premium Package


The Treat SIBO at Home Premium Package includes all the supplies you will need to test for and treat SIBO from home with the addition of a subsequent test kit so you can retest after your treatment is complete.

You will receive:

  • 1 SIBO breath test kit + 1 subsequent breath test kit, including: test tubes, mouthpiece, discard bag, labels, lactulose solution, and easy to follow instruction
  • Full colour copy of test results sent directly to you
  • A customized treatment plans based on your results
  • Access to professional-grade supplements through Full Script
  • Virtual support from our team of Certified Holistic Nutritionists.
  • Includes free 2-way-shipping within Canada.

Please read course description below.

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Hydrogen Methane Breath Test for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Comes with 2 test kits (*one for retesting), results, explanation, and treatment protocol individualized for your specific type of SIBO, in a course format. Includes free 2-way-shipping within Canada.

The Treatment Protocol Course includes 4 Phases: Preparation Phase, Kill Phase, Prevention Phase, and Gut-Healing Phase. There is a breakdown of the Treatment Protocol below to heal your Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth from home.

Please Note – All of our supplement recommendations are available through Full Script. We will send you the link to our store when you purchase the Treatment Protocol Course. Our Certified Holistic Nutritionists are also available for support when needed.

Treatment Protocol Course for Hydrogen, Methane, and Combined SIBO:
  • What is SIBO
  • Symptoms of SIBO
  • Preparation Phase
    • Preparation Phase Supplements
    • Fasting & Nutrition
    • Approved Foods List
    • Approved Recipe Ideas
    • Preparation Phase – Part 2
    • Foods To Add In
    • Avoid Foods List
    • More Supplements & Support
    • Treatment Plan Information
  • Kill Phase
    • Approved Foods List
    • Approved Recipe Ideas
    • Avoid Foods List
    • Kill Phase Supplements
  • Retesting For SIBO
  • Prevention Phase
    • Prevention & Potential Relapse
    • Prevention Phase Supplements
  • Gut-Healing Phase
    • Continuing To Heal The Body
    • Gut-Healing Phase Supplements
    • Gut-Healing Phase Probiotics
    • When To See A Doctor
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