Why Is Testing For SIBO Important?

  • Testing for SIBO will allow the team to understand which type of bacteria is present as well as where the bacteria is located
  • The treatment options for SIBO depend on which type of bacteria is present
  • Treatment varies for Hydrogen and Methane producing bacteria
  • The duration of treatment is estimated by the severity of the gases seen during testing
  • If the patient has high numbers of bacteria, one round of treatment may not be enough to see results
  • The patient may believe that they don’t have SIBO, whereas they actually have very high levels that need to be treated

Retesting For SIBO

  • Retesting will allow the team to see how the treatment is working if symptoms are still present
  • Retesting will indicate if their SIBO is gone
  • If symptoms are still there, they may need to work on other areas of the gut
  • Retesting is also recommended if the patient is not feeling better after treatment

Hydrogen Methane Breath Test Instructions

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Things To Note

  • Fast for 12 hours prior to the test.
  • The test takes 3 hours to complete.
  • It’s recommended to take the test in the morning.
  • Do not insert your finger into the tube sampler – there is a sharp needle.


  • 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO TESTING: Finish any antibiotics or antifungals. Do not undergo colonoscopy or barium enemas during this time. Regular home enemas like Fleet are fine.
  • 1 WEEK PRIOR TO TESTING: Avoid proton pump inhibitors, also known as PPIs.
  • 4 DAYS PRIOR TO TESTING: Avoid all laxatives including Vitamin C and Magnesium.
  • 2 DAYS PRIOR TO TESTING: Refrain from all high fibre and lactose foods. These foods can ferment in your gut and potentially cause false results.
  • 1 DAY PRIOR TO TESTING: Implement the prep diet. Only eat the foods approved below.
    • Baked or broiled meat and fish
    • Plain, steamed white rice
    • Eggs
    • Clear meat broth (no boullion)
    • Fats and oils (ie: coconut oil, olive oil, butter)
    • Salt and pepper
    • Weak black coffee and tea
  • 12 HOURS PRIOR TO TESTING: Begin fasting. Avoid all food/drink and all non-essential medication, except for water.
  • DAY OF TESTING: Wake up one hour prior to testing. Brushing your teeth is okay. No smoking or exercise prior to testing.

Collection Procedure

  • Lay out your kit contents.
  • You should have received glass vials, labels, a packet of Lactulose substrate, an EasySampler collection device, bubble wrap sleeves, and a worksheet to record collection times.
  • If you weigh less than 100 pounds, please roll down the blue collection bag to the correct weight and staple it.
  • Do not consume any solution yet. Wait until after you have collected the first baseline breath sample.
  • *Note that the next four steps are performed during one single continuous breath for each tube collected.
  • Take a normal breath in, not a deep breath. This is vital to ensure that your breath is not contaminated with room air. Close your lips around the mouthpiece and exhale normally.
  • Continue to blow into the mouthpiece to inflate the bag fully. Note that there are two small holes in the blue collection bag. They are intentional. Please do not obstruct these holes. Keep blowing.
  • While still continuing to exhale, completely insert the test tube into the needle-holder so that the rubber stopper is punctured. Keep blowing.
  • After two seconds, pull the tube out of the needle-holder and set it aside. Do not stop exhaling until after the tube is removed from the holder. Note that you will not see or hear your breath inside of the tube. The tubes have a vacuum that will suck in the exact amount needed for analysis in two seconds. Do not puncture the tube twice.
  • Immediately after collecting the first baseline breath sample, consume the Lactulose substrate solution. Do not follow the dosage instructions printed on the packet. Instead, mix the entire packet of Lactulose substrate with 8 ounces of water. You must mix the solution within 3-5 minutes. After drinking the solution, collect another breath sample every 20 minutes for the next three hours, using all ten tubes provided.
  • Record the date and time each tube is collected on both the tube labels and the worksheet.
  • Record any symptoms you may experience during the test on the worksheet.
  • When finished, place the tubes in the protective bubble wrap sleeves. Place the protected tubes, worksheet, and any additional paperwork into the box and seal it with the prepaid sticker that was provided for shipping.
  • After the lab receives your kit, results will be sent directly to your provider within two weeks.

SIBO Breath Test Kit Cost:

*All breath test kits include free 2-way-shipping within Canada

  • $210.00 CAD – 1 kit with results and explanation
  • $400.00 CAD – 2 kits with results and explanation (includes retest kit)

SIBO Breath Test Kit Cost – Includes the Treatment Protocol Course for your specific type of SIBO:

*All breath test kits include free 2-way-shipping within Canada

  • $275.00 CAD – 1 kit with results, explanation, and treatment protocol
  • $465.00 CAD – 2 kits with results, explanation, and treatment protocol (includes retest kit)

The Treatment Protocol Course includes 4 Phases: Preparation Phase, Kill Phase, Prevention Phase, and Gut-Healing Phase. There is a breakdown of the Treatment Protocol below to heal your Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth from home.

Please Note – All of our supplement recommendations are available through Full Script. We will send you the link to our store when you purchase the Treatment Protocol Course. Our Certified Holistic Nutritionists are also available for support when needed.

Treatment Protocol Course for Hydrogen, Methane, and Combined SIBO:

  • What is SIBO
  • Symptoms of SIBO
  • Preparation Phase
    • Preparation Phase Supplements
    • Fasting & Nutrition
    • Approved Foods List
    • Approved Recipe Ideas
    • Preparation Phase – Part 2
    • Foods To Add In
    • Avoid Foods List
    • More Supplements & Support
    • Treatment Plan Information
  • Kill Phase
    • Approved Foods List
    • Approved Recipe Ideas
    • Avoid Foods List
    • Kill Phase Supplements
  • Retesting For SIBO
  • Prevention Phase
    • Prevention & Potential Relapse
    • Prevention Phase Supplements
  • Gut-Healing Phase
    • Continuing To Heal The Body
    • Gut-Healing Phase Supplements
    • Gut-Healing Phase Probiotics
    • When To See A Doctor
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