Meet Our Team

Sam Middleton

Clinic Manager, CHN

Sam received her MLA training from Stenberg College and later went on to complete her Holistic Nutritionist Certification through AFPA. She has many years of experience managing busy clinics. Sam appreciates working with a team who value and encourage a balance between work, family, and health for patients and staff. She enjoys creating a positive experience for all.

Niki Malakos

SIBO Testing, Consultations, CHN

Niki is a busy mom of two toddlers, with a passion for health and wellness. She enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with her family and friends. She has been working in the SIBO field for four years; and has loved the results she has watched others experience through their treatments. She has a passion helping people feel better with SIBO, and educating clients towards better health.

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